What is the meaning of CMS Error 350?


1. Where can i find the CMS Error 350?


The CMS Error 350 can be found in the log of the SMSTools. The Support archive contains this log file.


To download the support archive you have to press Download on the page under Help > Support.


The extracted archive contains various log files.



i You can use 7-zip to extract the archive.



The log of the SMSTools can be found under var/log/smsd.log.



iTo search the log we recommend Notepad++.



After the log file is opened you can search in it with STRG+F and the search string "+CMS ERROR: 350".





2. What is the cause of CMS Error 350?


CMS Error 350 can be caused from diffrent reasons. Three reasons have been found by us up to now. The main cause is a rejection of the message by the provider.


1. Depleted call-up credits

This error was shown on prepaid sim cards with depleted call-up credits. A refill of the call-up credits solved this issue.


2. Invalid number

On a invalid number the modem delivered the same error.


3. Firmware problems with the modem

A Firmware problem will never be a issue, the firmware is updated by us to prevent the CMS Error 350.





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