My SMS Gateway does not send SMS anymore



Should the SMS Gateway stop sending SMS, this should be your first troubleshooting actions:



  1. Restart the SMS Gateway

    First of all try restarting the SMS Gateway. Make sure to shut it down and turn it back on again properly. Should a failure occur this is often times the way to solve it.

  2. Removing the PIN


    If your SIM Card contains a PIN, you should remove it. To do this follow these instructions:


    • Shut down the SMS Gateway.

    • Remove the SIM Card.

    • Place the SIM Card into a phone.

    • Remove the PIN using the phone.

    • Place the SIM Card into the SMS Gateway.

    • Reboot the SMS Gateway.

    • Adjust the configuration of the SMS Gateway under Configuration - SIM-Card. The field PIN must be empty.

    • Reboot the Gateway.


    In some cases the PIN causes problems. We generally recommend removing it in the first place.

  3. Multipart/Split

    If the previous steps did not help try switching from Multipart to Split.


    To do this navigate to: Configuration - SIM-Card and switch the option Multipart.




    i If this troubleshooting guide did not help you, please write an Email to: