How does Email to SMS function?




i Instructions on setting up the Email to SMS function are provided here.




ê Make sure that the character coding for outgoing emails is set to Unicode (UTF-8) in your email client.




To which address do I send the email?


The following examples assume that sms.local has been registered as accepted domain.



1. Forwarding of an email to a telephone number


Send an email to <Telephone number>@sms.local, e.g.: 00491701234567@sms.local



2. Forwarding to a contact from the address book of the SMS Gateway


Send an email to <ID or name>@sms.local, e.g.: john_doe@sms.local

We recommend that the ID of the contact is used. You can take this from the address book (Configuration - Address book).



3. Forwarding to a group of contacts


Send an email to group_<ID or name>@sms.local,

e.g.: group_monitoring@sms.local


We recommend that the group ID is used. This is found in the web interface (Configuration - Groups).


The use of groups requires the licensing of the feature Recipient groups.



4. Forwarding via a distribution group on the email server


On the email server is a forwarding to forward all emails from the domain sms.local to the SMS Gateway configured.


Additionally, a distribution group with the email addresses and 00491701234567@sms.local is configured on the email server.


The SMS Gateway will receive the email from It should be noted that the SMS Gateway does not know the name DistributionGroup. Thus, DistributuionGroup has to be added to the addressbook with the Number 00491701234567.


The distribution group adress have to be group_<group name on the SMS Gateway> if you want to send to a group.



i The SMS Gateway will show the log message "Invalid Number" if the SMS Gateway cannot associate the first part of the email adress with a number, user or group. Keep in mind, that the first part of the email adress have to be group_ in front of the groupname.







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