Will my device still work after 3G is turned off?



In 2021, 3G (UMTS) will be switched off by some main providers in the D-A-CH area. All three major German network operators will gradually switch off 3G in the course of 2021. In Switzerland, plans are also under way to switch off the GSM network, so that telephony and SMS will soon only work via LTE and the newer 5G standard. It is likely to look similar in other EU countries. Older Braintower SMS gateways are not equipped for LTE and would fall back to GSM operating mode in Germany. Should the equipment fail during the changeover and the switching does not work automatically (after a reboot), our maintenance customers receive support in downgrading the equipment in the internal configuration. If you would like to know if your Braintower device is affected, please send us an email to sales@brevis.one.


We have prepared attractive upgrade offers for all customers affected by the changeover. Talk to us!


But the 3G shutdown isn't the only reason to take a close look at your older device and upgrade. The new feature "Ring Phone" offers from spring 2021 the possibility to start a normal phone call in addition to the SMS message - e. g. in order to achieve increased attention from the recipient. This ensures that your alerts are never missed again. All new devices shipped as of now are equipped for this feature (and for LTE anyway). For all others please contact us!





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