Who has access to software updates?



Subscribing to one of our support services offerings will ensure access to software updates.


If you have subscribed to either Full Coverage or the SAM, you will receive access to the updates for your device as part of this subscription. The updates are not available to customers who are not covered by one of these offerings.


In order to get update coverage you need to get into a support service. The contract period has to start immediately after the end of any prior contract period or the purchase date. In the case of Software Asset Management, to the expiry of the warranty which ends one year after the date of purchase. For the reinstatement of any of these services after the expiration of coverage, pro rata fees for elapsed periods will be charged. In addition, a supplement of 10 % on the elapsed amounts applies.


Support and service options can be purchased for a minimum of one year and may be purchased for a maximum of five years in advance. At the customer’s request, the invoicing for a further year can be made automatically at the end of a period under the same conditions (subscription). If this is not desired, an extension of the service option will only take place upon a formal order.


All information about the differences between the two support service options can be found here:

What is the difference between Full Coverage and Software Asset Management (SAM) service options?






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