How does high availability function?




ê For older devices without support, this function requires the licensing of the High Availability module.




i Instructions on setting up high availability are provided in the here.



High availability is necessary precisely in cases in which the SMS Gateway is going about critical tasks. Use a second SMS Gateway to guarantee the smooth sending of text messages. If one SMS Gateway fails, the second SMS Gateway will take over operation.


In order to use the High Availability (HA) functionality of your SMS Gateway, you need:


  • A second SMS Gateway with identical licensed modules
  • For oler devices without support, you have to license the module High Availability
  • A second SIM card


Load Balancing


Load Balancing is not provided yet, but possible with a external service.

We will be glad to assist you with the setup of your external service to provide load balancing for your SMS Gateways.

Contact us via our Support for this purpose.




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