Are there more powerful antennas for my SMS Gateway



In the event that the receive/send power of the antenna is not sufficient at your location, we offer a (6 dBm) outdoor omnidirectional antenna with up to 60 meters of cable.


An antenna of 3 meters is supplied with the Rack Editions.


If one of the Rack Edition is located in the data center and there is possibly no reception, we have an omnidirectional antenna for this in our range. This can provide a gain of 4.6dBi - 6.3dBi during reception. The cable is pre-configured (connections) and is delivered with the desired cable length. When laying the cable (also possible outside), attention should be paid to short distances, because every meter also means a loss of power. From a length of 20m (for D-net, 900MHz), another location should therefore be considered.

The maximum cable length depends on the frequency. At 900 MHz, i.e. D-network (Telekom + Vodafone), you have 9 dBm loss with the "Ecoflex 15" cable over a length of 100m! Calculated down to 20m, this results in a loss of approx. 1.8 dBm. We therefore recommend 20m as the maximum length of the cable.






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