Are there further modules for the SMS Gateway?



ê For older devices without support, this functions requires the licensing of the modules.




Extend the functional scope of your SMS Gateway with the following modules:


Module Description
Auto Reply

Answer incoming messages with a standardised and automatically sent text message.

Email to SMS Use the e-mail to text message function to send text messages – directly and in just one click – from your own e-mail system, saving you time and work in updating another address book.
Forwarding Forward incoming text messages, Telegram messages or e-mail-messages to one or more recipients via Telegram, text message or e-mail or forward the incoming message to your applications via HTTP request. This feature allows to acknowledge alarms from your monitoring system.
High Availability

Particularly important whenever the SMS Gateway performs critical jobs. Greater security means better planning for trouble-free operation.


i Must be purchased for every single cluster-member.

Message Routing

Expand the SMS forwarding to a policy-based routing of SMS and e-mail messages, which allows you to perform different actions, depending on the sender, recipient or content of the message.


i Also available as upgrade option for the forwarding text messages license.

Monitoring The SMS Gateway’s monitoring system keeps close tabs on the integrated environment and reliably reports failures and fluctuations. This way, even a system failure during the night doesn’t go unnoticed.
Recipient groups Forward messages to a large number of recipients. Simplify the management of complex and recurring user groups. Save the time, performing this task manually – it’s yours.

With this Messenger app, costs can be saved. Programmed bots are able to act automatically by standardized messages sending Telegram messages instead of SMS. If the Internet connection is disrupted Plug-ins will provide further information via SMS.


ê Licensing for the Telegram module is required. This licensing is free of charge for support customers. Please contact






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