Can I connect my SMS Gateway to WhatsUp Gold?



You can of course use your SMS Gateway to send alarms from WhatsUp Gold via SMS.


1. Preperations

For this purpose you first need the application httpRequest.exe.


Download it and save it in your WhatsUp Gold server in the C:\SendSMS\ directory.


The application requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.



2. Action for SMS notifications


1. Navigate in the WhatsUp Gold web interface: Settings - Actions & Alerts - Actions and Policies.




2. Add a new program action by clicking on the "+" symbol under Action Library.




3. Configure the dialog as follows:


Name SMS to contact/number
Description Send a text message to contact/number
Program file name C:\SendSMS\httpRequest.exe
Working path C:\SendSMS\
Programm arguments username=apiuser password=secret to=00491701234567 text=%System.Date : %System.Time On IP: %Device.Address Hostname: %Device.Hostname Status: %Device.State


ê Replace the IP address, username, password and number with related information. You will find further information here.


* Replace contact/number with the name of the contact or number.






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