Can I connect my SMS Gateway to Monitos?



You can of course use your SMS Gateway to send alarms from Monitos.



ê It is recommended to create a new user for accessing the HTTP API.




1. Configuration of Monitos


1.1. Setting up Credentials in the Monitos Password Safe

The created system user of the SMS Gateway have to be stored into the password safe of Monitos.

In the password safe the values braintower_user and braintower_pass has to be setted up with the credentials of the system user.





1.2. Adjusting the Configuration


In order to notify Monitos of the use of the SMS gateway, this must be set in the configuration.


In the confiuration of Montios you have to set the key MONITOS_NOTIFYSMS_MODEMTYPE to the value SMS Gateway.



i If you use a SMS Gateway with Version 4, you have to set the value to braintower4.




1.3. Configure Notifications


You have to configure the text message notifcations to finish the setup of Monitos.


Under Notifications - Routes - SMS you have to insert the IP of the SMS Gateway.


Afterwards you have to set up the template, shown below.




2. Acknowledgment SMS Gateway



For Acknowledgments the license Message Routing is required.



Connect yourself with the web ui of the SMS Gateway.

Visit the configuration of the message routing via Configuration - Message Routing.


Here you have to set up a new rule with Message(RegEx).

The filter for this rule is the following:






You have to configure a new target for this rule, HTTP Request(iSMS):





The user name and the password can be left empty.