Monitor the SMS Gateway


The SMS Gateway offers a status page from which information may be obtained: http://<IP Adresse Gateway>/check.php?option=<option> (the option parameter is optional, you will have all values if you leave it out)


You can have this monitored by your monitoring system using a check_http for example.



The options at a glance


Option Description
disk Specifies how much internal memory is occupied (bytes).
failed Number of messages which could not be sent.
load Indicates the loading of the SMS Gateway.
que Specifies how many messages are in the queue.

Specifies the signal strength.

No number is returned if there is a modem fault.


Specifies the Simcard status:


Output Description
SIM_NOT_INSERTED Simcard not inserted
NO_SIGNAL No available Signal
SIGNAL_OK Good Signal
SIGNAL_WARNING Signal is weaker than -89 dB
SIGNAL_TOO_WEAK Signal is weaker than -99 dB

Returns a Unix timestamp.

To monitor the system time of the SMS Gateway.

total Specifies how many messages the gateway has sent in total.
uptime Specifies how much time has passed since the last reboot of the SMS Gateway.



Plug-in for Icinga and Nagios


There is already a ready to use plug-in for Icinga and Nagios using which you can monitor your SMS Gateway. The plug-in is here.




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