ê This function requires the licensing of the Monitoring module.




i An overview of integrated monitoring is to be found in the web interface under Configuration - Monitoring.



Configure checks which check your system at a Time interval of 5 minutes and reliably report failures:





Options for all checks


Option Description
Name Give your check a name.
Notification group

Select a group of contacts which are to receive notifications.


If the monitoring system of your SMS Gateway notices a failure, a group of contacts will be alerted by text message or by "Automatic".


The monitoring group is intended for this purpose as standard. After the failure has been cleared the SMS Gateway will send a recovery message.



ê If you have licensed the Recipient groups module, you have the option to notify further groups.


Shipping option

Select the shipping option of the notifications.


The monitoring system provides two different shipping options: "Only SMS" and Automatic".


Automatic trys to deliver the notification via Telegram, if it fails the notification will be delivered by text message.



ê Licensing for the Telegram module is required. This licensing is free of charge for support customers. Please contact





Available Checks


Name of the check




To monitor websites with HTTP authentication


Enter the website to be monitored, e.g.:


User name

Enter the user name which is to be used for logging in



Enter the password for the user



To monitor websites


Enter the website to be monitored, e.g.:



To monitor the reachability of services


Enter the host to be monitored: or



Enter the port which is to be monitored, e.g.: 80



Enter the timeout for the reachability of the port



To monitor availabilities


Specify the host to be monitored, e.g.: or


Number of pings

Enter the number of ICMP Echo Requests per check interval to be set



Enter the timeout for the individual ICMP Echo Requests



Re-notification time


The re-notification time is the time interval in minutes after which a new alert is sent if a failure lasts longer.



Maximum amount checks


The SMS Gateway Monitoring allows to have up to 200 individual checks.






Click the Export button to save your settings, e.g. before a Firmware update.





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